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Grimsfield is a point & click adventure set somewhere in the north of England, where the player must overcome bureaucracy to have their moment of glory at the open mic night down the local beatnik club.

Project Information

Grimsfield takes place in a market town in the north of England, somewhere off the M62 between Leeds and Manchester. The game takes the form of a short narrative point & click adventure, taking the player on a journey through its absurdist character-driven universe, avoiding inventory and item puzzles.  The characters of Grimsfield are oppressed, and self-obsessed. Each with nothing but their own story to tell, they cannot wait to blurt it out.

The project was born a year ago as an extension of my work on rendered 3d dioramas and the desire to see these environments become playable. It aspires to pay homage to the likes of  Franz Kafka and the brooding atmospheres of classic British comedy, in a relatable yet unexplored location.

An original score takes the player from cool driving jazz to intolerable elevator muzak. The score is provided by Chris Reed, whose previous work includes scoring and performing for The Paper Cinema.


  • Realise Date: 12th of May 2016
  • Price - £ 2.99 / $ 3.99 / € 3.99
  • Devloper - Adam Wells
  • Length - Around an hour
  • Engine - Unity

About Adam Wells

Adam Wells is a freelance animator, designer and filmmaker based in London. Grimsfield is his first video game.

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Music by Chris Reed




TRAILERS - download link